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Sustainability foundations

2021-03-19 11:45:20

We integrated CSR into enterprise mission and tried to contribute tothe talent growth, human health and social progress; interpreted our determined idea of "spreading love all over the world" through deeds and undertook mission of protecting the home of mankind.

 n  Highlights

?  In 2020, we organized the safety check for 4,156 times and assigned 7,538 check personnel, discovering 1,125 general safety hazards and sending 426 rectification notices totally; have rectified all hazards discovered, with the rectification ratio of 100%

?  In 2020, we input the targeted poverty alleviation fund of RMB 2.51 million or so and helped Jingkou, Wanxi and Yuanling, the three fixed poverty-stricken villages, intensively, so as to help all villagers get rid ofpoverty

 n  Our Approach to Sustainability Foundations

We upgraded HR management system, accelerated the intelligent transformation of HR management and boosted the implementation of the "Strategy of Developing Enterprise by Talent Management"; intensified product quality management and invested in building the public testing platform of TCM materials; gave full play to own professional advantages, returned the society actively and boosted community development.

n  Our Stories.