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Environmental protection

2021-03-19 12:30:46

Protecting and improving ecological environment is human beings' most urgent task. We undertook the environmental protection responsibility actively and tried to build a resources-saving and environmentally friendly enterprise; protected biological diversity by combining actualities; tried topromote the green and low-carbon development to become the world's mainstream and made contributions to sustainable development.

n  Highlights

?  In 2020, we had our total input of environmental protection andenergy-saving special fund exceeding RMB 30 million

?  By the end of 2020, we built 69 planting bases of 56 medicinal materials

n  Our Approach to Environmental Protection

We kept improving environment management system and optimized resources utilization to reduce the negative influence on environment; insisted on the principle of the conservation of biological diversity, built medicinal material planting base according to local conditions and carried out the standard plantation of Chinese herbs around the country; implemented the researches (e.g. medicinal material planting technology, germplasm and seedlings and quality tracking of traditional Chinese medicinal materials) and boosted biodiversity conservation. We advocated environmental protection ideaactively, made contributions to social green development and tried to boost the development of green economy, low-carbon economy and circular economy.

n  Our Stories